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How to optimize telecommuting

1. Learn to take things lightly, because being at home there will always be unforeseen events. People will understand and sometimes it helps to relax the atmosphere.

2. Make sure you have a quiet and conducive place to work with the right tools:

i. A good computer and screen

ii. A good comfortable chair

iii. An office that meets your needs

iv. Good lighting

v. A décor that you like, e.g. plants, family photo, etc.

If you haven't already done so, now’s the time to get started. The kitchen table is not a solution. You don't have to spend millions! Think of places like the Dollar store, Kijiji, Ikea, Amazon, etc. for accessorizing ideas.

3. Set a routine

i. Starts at the time you're used to starting, e.g., 8:30-9:00

ii. You no longer have a commute, so this allows you to squeeze in a good breakfast and/or a walk

iii. End the day at the same time you are used to closing the office door. The same logic applies as for the morning routine - no commute so more time with the children and/or to prepare a good healthy dinner.

Don’t forget to take breaks. Here are some ideas:

i. Go for a walk around block

ii. Prepare your lunch, snack

iii. Do mindfulness exercises (breathing or guided meditation)

iv. Avoid eating while working

4. Eat healthily and drink water often

i. Technically you should have everything on hand to prepare snacks and healthy meals.

ii. To encourage you to drink more water, buy yourself a bottle or a large glass.

iii. Try to substitute coffee with flavoured water. In a pitcher, add fruit and/or herbs to your water for example: apple and cinnamon, strawberry and rosemary, mint/lemon and cucumber. Add natural sugars such as maple syrup or honey.

iv. Make herbal teas and either chill them in the fridge or drink them hot

Good Luck and Good Work!

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