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Health and wellness consultant

You may ask yourself what a health and wellness consultant does. Well, it’s someone who helps you lead a healthy life in all aspects (physically and emotionally).

People often don’t know where to start; they are disorganized, overwhelmed, or lack motivation. The health and wellness consultant helps by offering support, inspiration, and guidance.

To take control of one’s life, one has to eat healthily, sleep well, and balance life (work life, personal life, family life, ‘me-time).

Support - can take many forms - a listening ear, resources, and tools, typically through one-on-one sessions, e-mail exchange, phone, Skype, Facetime, or in person.

Motivation – provided through personal coaching, accompanying the person in their activities (e.g., walking, cooking, shopping), ensuring follow-ups, providing nutritional information, and offering resources and tools.

Private and corporate programs and services are available.
Healthy living Kickstarter program
Private coaching
Corporate workshops


  • Eating habit assessment

  • Myths and portion test

  • Reading labels

  • Canadian health guide

  • Ways to be inclusive

  • How to handle eating out or in a meeting/business cafeteria

  • Organization (meal planning)

  • Tools

  • Resources and activities

  • Recipes

  • Customized plan
    (personal or corporate)


  • Fitness habit assessment

  • Tips

  • Tools

  • Corporate challenges

  • The benefits of exercising

  • How to fit physical activity into a busy schedule

  • Customized plan
    (personal or corporate)



  • Self care assessments

  • What is wellness?

  • What is stress and how to handle it?

  • Techniques and tools

  • How to create a corporate wellness culture

  • Customized plan
    (personal or corporate)



  • What is mindfulness?

  • How to turn the switch off?

  • Techniques and exercises to be mindful

  • Tools

  • The benefits of being mindful

  • Customized plan
    (personal or corporate)

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