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How I Got Started

The Roots

My name is Anne Lebeau, and I'm a middle-aged woman living with an autoimmune disease. I'm a Montrealer who lived abroad and traveled the world with my husband. I lived as an ex-pat in both Germany and Curacao. We returned to Montreal a few years ago.

I am passionate about helping people. I'm a special education teacher by training with additional certificates: in linguistics, well-being, mindfulness, and exercise. I'm also a lifelong learner. 

I have always liked cooking, trying new foods, and being active, but I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease six months after returning to Canada. Traditional medicine wasn't working well for me, and I was getting worse, to the point where I was nearly incapacitated a few years ago. I wanted to explore the possibilities of turning my life around with a combination of food and lifestyle changes in addition to modern medical treatments.

I consulted with a nutritionist to help me choose the proper diet/lifestyle to treat my disease. The nutritionist gave me broad guidelines and studies to read. I now follow an anti-inflammatory diet/lifestyle, and I can lead a day-to-day life. I exercise regularly, I've lost weight, meditate regularly, and so much more.

I created Lebeau Concept to share what I've learned and help others who don't know where to start their journey.

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