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Scores Dorval

As many of you know, I have an autoimmune disease and I control some of the symptoms through diet. I follow a modified anti-inflammatory diet, which means that I don’t eat meat, except for fish and eggs. I’m also dairy and gluten free and I try to avoid overly processed food. At times, it is difficult to eat out if I don’t feel like eating a salad or significantly modifying my order.

That’s why I was very impressed with Scores Dorval in the West Island. They have a gluten free menu, but dairy products are a real issue for me so I asked a few questions of the waitress that she couldn’t answer. However, she sent the manager to see me (Tammie) who was so nice. Not only did she answer all my questions, but she took the time to sit down with me and go through the list of allergens. She also mentioned that they are trying to be certified “gluten free”.

In terms of the menu, if you are both vegan and gluten sensitive here are the options that are currently offered (I would still recommend you check to be sure this is still the case if you choose to visit). If you are celiac, keep in mind that they are not certified yet.

I chose the salad bar which was a great option for me. I usually avoid pea soup, but theirs is vegan, though it is not identified as such. It is made with vegetable broth and almond milk. It was delicious. Their tabbouleh is made with white quinoa instead of bulgur, so it is also a good choice. The items containing gluten are clearly identified and are grouped together. They also have edamame and hummus, which are not often available in a salad bar.

They also had a few fresh fruits, so I was able have dessert as well. I found that it was a great deal as I had a soup, main meal and dessert for about $14.00.

If you don’t see anything on the menu or if you are not sure ask to speak to the manager and hopefully you will be as lucky as I was! It is a great family restaurant when you don’t feel like cooking.

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