Welcome to my shop

I created this section to showcase the products I like, have tested, use in my daily life or mention in my blogs and recipes. I have grouped these products into 5 categories :


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Cookbooks and reference books that I have read and find helpful.

This series of cookbooks is among my favourite by Angela Liddon.

The 'Oh She Glows Cookbook' is a vegan cookbook with delicious recipes that you will also be able to serve to your meat and potato loving friends and family. Ms. Liddon also offers great tips on how to make or substitute some favourite or hard to find food items.

Picnic Accessories

These picnic basket backpacks are Ideal for the romantic biker or hiker,. Prices start at $39.99.  You will also find accessories (bamboo utensils, blankets...). For more inspirations, read my article 'A modern take on the picnic' in the blog section.

Sports Accessories

Items to enhance your workout or exercise experience.

Kitchen Accessories

iSmall appliances and storage solutions that I use to get the most out of a kitchen with limited space. For more tips check out my article 'Spring cleaning - home, body and soul'. I also use these to cook. My personal recipes are available in the Recipe section.

Food/ Groceries

Gluten-free and .other essential recipe ingredients for a plant-based lifestyle.

I have found this flour to be the best for baking gluten-free goods - and it's made locally in Quebec. It was also recommended by my nutritionist. Though a little expensive, it is worth the price. I had great results in my bread machine.