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Free activities to enjoy in Montreal in May

May 18 and 19

Visit of Lufa farms in Montreal tours are offer in French and English. Although this activity is free you have to book your slot and preferred language.

May 20

Lachine outside activity schedule is out! It starts May 20th. Whether you are looking for free Zumba session, line dancing, hip hop or yoga here it is! Enjoy

May 24

Montreal's Botanical Garden Will Be Free For A Day This Month Friday May 24

Celebrate the peak of spring at a FREE event!

The event will go on for the entire weekend but on Saturday and Sunday tickets will have to be purchase

May 26

1. On Sunday May 26 is the return of free Bixi bike rental Sundays.

2. Montreal Museum day

From now on and all summer long

Public Markets and local health food stores, bakeries......

Markets and local shops are found throughout the world and they offer great products and a wealth of flavours. Get to know where your food comes from. Buying local ensures you of the freshest products and is good for the environment, with the lowest carbon footprint. Try new fruits, veggies, bakery goods, and so much more that these vendors have to offer. Markets and local shopkeepers are usually happy to give you a sample or tell you how to use their products. I like visiting these places to find new varieties of produce and products. It also stimulates the senses and gives you a sense of well-being.

*Atwater Market (open year-round) - In the summer you can find many restaurants that represent all sorts of cuisines.

*Jean-Talon Market (open year-round)- Situated in the middle of little Italy, this is a fun place to eat and visit.

More information on Montreal's public markets:

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