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Acupressure for Instant Anxiety Relief

Here is a great way to relieve stress in 5 minutes. It is one of my 'go to' tools to stay calm and positive!


She has excellent vegan recipes. These cookies are very good.


 Excellent organization on mindfulness that offers great free monthly webinars.

Mindwell-U Challenge

This challenge could potentially change your life and the perception you have of it, by taking 5 to 10 minutes of your day, each day for one month (or you can extend the program over 3 months if you wish). You could take this on your own or with a buddy (which works best), or implement it as part of a corporate wellness program. I took it with my husband and we have continued the practice ever since.


WOOP is a practical, accessible, evidence-based mental strategy that people can use to find and fulfill their wishes and change their habits.

Eating Well- Easy Mediterranean Diet Breakfasts Recipes to Make for Busy Mornings

Great breakfast ideas (though not vegan). This site is worth exploring. Though the meal plans  are a bit repetitive, the recipes are excellent and easy to do. 

SparkPeople is the largest online diet and healthy living community with over 12 million registered members. With a free account you get access to tools, support and motivation for losing weight and keeping it off, in a healthy way. I have been using this tool for almost ten years and I really like it. You can do as little or as much as you want. At first I used SparkPeople to lose weight, but it offers so much more than this. It is also easy to create meal plans and produce a shopping list according to how many people are going to  follow the plan. It includes an extensive database of pre-entered food items.

Canadian Food Guide

This a a good resource to find tips, recipes and general information

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