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Healthy Living Kickstarter Program

This is an 8-week program to get started on improving your life. It will cover the following topics:

  • Nutrition (evaluation, myths and tools)

  • Activity (evaluation of your activity level and how to improve your fitness level by taking small steps)

  • Organizational skills (meal prep , fitting exercise and wellness into your busy schedule, tools)

  • Handling stress (evaluation of stress level and tips on how to reduce it)

  • Wellness and mindfulness (exercises and tools)

  • Price:

    • $ 200 per person, limited space available (group of 4-5)

    • $ 400 per person, semi-private (group of 2-3)​

    • $ 600 per person, private

  • Where: To be determined​

When: to be determined

Message me for more information and to register

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