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We are all told, “live your life to the fullest” (easier said than done) and I am here to do just that.

My name is Anne Lebeau and I'm a middle-aged woman living with an autoimmune disease. Since changing my lifestyle I am now able to live my life to the fullest. I exercise and meditate regularly, I've changed how and what I eat to a more plant-based diet, which has helped me to lose weight and more importantly regain the energy I lost due to my disease. I have a background in education, mindfulness and well-being.  As a health and wellness consultant I wish to help others (contact me on the 'Contact' page if you're interested in a personalized program). 

Lebeau Concept is my way of sharing my passions, my experiences, my inspirations and what I have learned through experiences and traditional education  to help deal with this crazy world.

On this site I hope you will find things that will help you on your own journey and improve your physical and emotional life in a simple fun way.  

Here you will find:

  • Thoughts on food, recipes, inspirational quotes, exercises and tips for wellness and mindfulness

  • Reviews of places to shop, books to read, things to do, stuff to buy

  • External resources (videos, articles, etc. on all of the above)

So kick back, relax and enjoy!

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