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This beautiful urban spa is situated in Montreal, near the old Angus Shop in Rosemont. It is very clean. The locker rooms are nice and spacious. They have state of the art lockers, no keys required. You are handed slippers and a robe when you have a massage. There are 2 salons/waiting areas with relaxing music, beverages and snacks (nuts & fruits). The bath area is a quiet zone. My husband and I really appreciated the fact that this was respected. If you want to pamper yourself with an unusual treatment, opt for the hot shell massage. This is what I took and it was great. Spa escale santé offers great treatments and baths at an affordable price. They offer promotions year round (e.g. for New Years, Valentines Day). Check out their site or Facebook page for current offers. Parking can be problematic. They have a few spots onsite, but we ended up parking at the Angus Shop.

Spa escale santé

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