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Wellness and mindfulness: tips, resources, inspirational quotes and accessories

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Things to do and tips on how to stay regulated and it doesn't have to be expensive!


In order to be emotionally healthy one has to be able to relax and have "Me/ family time". Below you will find ideas on how to integrated fun activities in your routine. Below you will find free activities.

Free activities

  • Walks/ hikes

  • Check your local newspaper and calendars, they often advertise fun activities for the entire family

  • Reading (use your local library)

  • Word puzzles (there are so many that you can find on the internet)

  • Exercise

  • Cooking we all need to eat!

  • Meditation (I use Insight Timer, there are quite a few free guided meditation on that app, like Kenneth Soares)

  • In the winter visit nurseries or home hardware stores that have gardening section, it is free and plants and flowers have a relaxing effect on people.

  • Journaling


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